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Our kosher certified frozen yogurt is offered in nonfat, low fat, no sugar added, and dairy free varieties. Along with being a healthy source of protein and calcium, our frozen yogurt is rich in live and active cultures. These probiotic cultures are important in maintaining a healthy digestive and immune system. Our yogurt is healthy and our philosophy is simple; we don’t serve anything that we don’t eat ourselves.
Our flavors are constantly rotating, with new flavors added frequently! Flavors and toppings vary due to their availability, popularity, the season and on a whim. Yofresh Yogurt Café’s self-serve yogurt and toppings are priced per ounce so you can control how much or how little you would like!  So come in and enjoy the endless possibilities that you can create at Yofresh!!!

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Our Rotating Flavors

-Sea Salt Caramel Pretzel
-Alpine Vanilla
-Toasted Marshmallow 
-Cake Batter
- Vanilla ICE CREAM
- Chocolate ICE CREAM
-No sugar added Irish Cream
-No sugar added Strawberry Banana
-Jamocha Gelato
-Orange Splash Sorbet
- Pistachio Gelato 
-Cable Chocolate