Welcome to Yofresh Yogurt Cafe,  . The Haney family has lived in Monroe Township for over 13 years. They also have owned another business in town for the past 27 years.

Ed has been traveling long distances to work for years and the opportunity to open up another business in the Concordia Shopping Center became available. He immediately started thinking about what type of business he wanted to open.

It actually was a quick and easy decision because every time we wanted some frozen yogurt we had to drive 20 minutes or so to enjoy some as a family. So, Yofresh Yogurt Café in Monroe NJ was born.

With over 80 rotating flavors & over 60 toppings to choose from for a healthy delicious lunch, dinner or snack is now close to home.

We want our customers to feel like they are at home while in our store. It is easy to see that our top priority is always customer service, cleanliness and the freshness of our products. We know in this industry that cleanliness is appreciated by our customers which is why we stop at nothing to keep our store looking new every day. We see how much our efforts are appreciated in the way that our customers uphold the store’s cleanliness as well.

Come visit us and see why Yofresh Yogurt Café will be your new favorite place to be!